“Light Cone” by Murat Ses

Murat Ses’ new album Light Cone released by Clou Records (Florida, USA) on 22 June 2012 and will be distributed by several companies including the New York label PWMN.

The tracks give the impression of a great historical journey of Anadolu Pop from late 60s to Anadolu Pop 2.0 or Electric Levantine of 2010s created by The Father of Anadolu Pop (as the Turks and a growing number of international listeners call him).

As in former albums, Light Cone incorporates a myriad of cross-cultural elements and all these not only limited to Anatolia. Native-American, Central Asian shaman sounds combined with zurna sounds (one of Murat’s decades long synthesizer and organ specialties as on Farewell to Lamia, Anatolian Highway 2, Chiral of Past, I Miss Paris and others).

The music as usual has been composed and recorded during Murat’s stays in the USA, Austria and Turkey (Bodrum). Awesome organ, microtonal synthesizer performance by Murat Ses and additional contributions by a network of international vocalists/musicians

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(June 2012)