Production Music Libraries

Pelikan Muzik is proud to represent Encore Merci, Focus Music, Intervox, Kosinus, Megatrax and Sonoton production music Libraries in Turkey in which most of the tracks can not be defined as “library” as we have been informed by our clients. Please visit the refences section in order to enjoy the music created by talented composers and performed by exceptional musicians in many genres.

Publishing Catalogue of Local and Foreign Works

Pelikan Muzik is established to promote the musical works under its representation. One of our main occupations is to present and promote the musical works of our contracted artists and follow-up the copyright occurring from different stems both in Turkey and abroad. Our other expertise field is the local representation of foreign publishers in the international standards. For all our activities, we are very well aware of the fact that publishing is a 360 degree business including A&R, pitching, registration and administration.


To get proper copyright information of any song is much easier than ever. Just call us. We can advise you to whom you should be contacting. We can also offer you reasonable alternatives if you are looking for.